About IoT Deployment Services

IoT Deployment Services has been simplifying the Smart Building deployment process since 2018.

Through our best-in-class services and technology our team provisioned over 3 million devices and deployed over 900 projects globally.

Our engineers have years of on-site commissioning experience and are well versed with legacy technology as well as the latest IoT devices.

This is why the world’s leading companies trust us to roll-out their domestic and international IoT programs.

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The Most Comprehensive IoT Deployment Solutions

We’ve helped the world’s largest companies deploy, scale and service their Enterprise-grade smart building projects.


Our team has managed hundreds of multi-site and multi-state smart building IoT projects. We have deployed the most complex, enterprise-grade projects and we ensure the highest standard of service with complete project documentation to enable future support and maintenance.

System Design Services

Our team understands that a well-designed IoT system is integral for any smart building project. Our in-house expertise and strong partnerships with leading design firms ensures that our clients receive everything they need to deploy and scale their IoT program.


Our remote commissioning service eliminates the need for specialized technicians to be on-site for the device verification process, reducing on-site exposure for your team. Our use of the latest technology allows remote verification and deployment of any smart building project.


We are the IoT commissioning partner of choice for multiple technologies. We have deployed everything from indoor positioning to Bluetooth devices, lighting controls, and advanced networks and more.

A Seamless and Secure IoT Deployment

At IoT Deployment Services our systematic procedure ensures an IoT deployment that is of the highest standard.


We utilize digital checklists to facilitate clear communication between on-site labor and commissioning technicians, this allows us to remotely identify and resolve punch list items.


Our seamless process offers you the ability to scale your projects with confidence.

Technologies Deployed

We have deployed vision based indoor positioning, Bluetooth devices, lighting controls, and advanced sensor networks. We have also deployed projects that require auditing, design, geo location, digital as built generation, API data application, AI application, cellular modem management, ZigBee, 5G, cellular, as well as multiple proprietary technologies.

IoT Deployment Services Guarantee

We guarantee that our deployments will always adhere to the highest standards.


We generate and deliver complete project documentation during the commissioning process, including documentation of the installation procedure, device locations and history.


By using the latest in IoT deployment technologies we enable up to 100% remote IoT commissioning.

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